Wednesday, August 25, 2010

colours in a bottle!

Brettos bar is my top choice in Athens when I want to drink a glass of wine & talk with friends!
Just a small place reminding me vinotecas in Barcelona!  The perfect atmosphere made by the colourful drinks and different lights was captured last night by Thomas camera!
Hope u enjoy the photos as we did!
ps: After watching the photos I believe wearing black in this place is the perfect choice!

the photographer(!):

Lace Top by primark
Jewellery by Be Art


sofi moukidou said...

hey you! i just found you! and believe me i really love your blog!!!
it's really stylish and interesting!
oh! that place seems to be very nice!
p.s. it would be a pleasure to visit my blog( follow!

*chara said...

Amazing earings!!! Want them.. :p
Lovely top..


Hope to like my blog too..

rebelistas said...

thank u!!!
I visited both blogs & really like your work!
As u can see I'm now a follower!

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