Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My summer smelling items!

And these are my favorite summer fashion items... They will always be a part of my vacations! And always remind me of them!

My ethnic sandals! Match with almost everything I wear! Bought from accessorize:

A maxi dress with plain flip flops! Don't need to wear anything else! Bought from Be Art store:

Lots Lots Lots of charm bracelets & necklaces in all colours(especially in tirquoise)! Bought from Be Art store:

My new bikini in bold colour! Bought from Sugarfree:

A wooden simple necklace with coral! Always goes with white tshirts! Made by me:

Nude tone Heels! Bought from Spiliopoylos Monastiraki:

My favorite West coast Cooler Wine! Ideal for summer nights!

My handmade yellow clutch! Because I love more the things I buy from islands! Bought from a little store in Hydra:

Animal print is always in my heart! Skirt worn as dress!

And finaly... A gift I love! My foot bracelet from Koufonisia:


Tzoules said...

love this so much.

i start to follow u!

hope u do the same.


Kimmi said...

Nice. :) I like summer sales! ;P

regards from

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