Monday, April 26, 2010

In Gypsy Mood

'Cause I'm a gypsy
Are you coming with me?
I might steal your clothes
And wear them if they fit me
I never made agreements
Just like a gypsy
And I won't back down
'Cause life's already bit me
And I won't cry
I'm too young to die
If you're gonna quit me
'Cause I'm a gypsy ...    
A Collage of gypsy accessories to get you into the mood!  And Kate Moss's photoshoot for Vmagazine!

I said hey you

You're no fool

If you say 'NO'

Ain't it just the way life goes?

People fear what they don't know

Come along for the ride, Oh yeah

Come along for the ride, whoo-hoo

1 comment:

xristina said...

i loooove gipsy style!!!! nice collage! want some more!!! :))) great job!

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